This is Matt with iPad TV news. And today I’m going to talk to you about the watch ABC app for your iPad, which is a really neat platform for ABC to distribute their content. You’ll see on the first screen, it explains that you need to verify your subscription with a participating TV provider, which means if you don’t have a cable service provider, most of the apps contents are not going to be available to you.

One of the things you might notice is that some of the big providers, such as Time, Warner Cable and Dish Network are not listed in the list of providers, in which case you’ll just put your zip code in and you’ll find them there. Once you hit continue, you can see all of ABC shows that are available on the iPad app for streaming, even without a content provider, and you can still watch some of the shows.

But there will be commercial interruption, which has always been the case with the watch ABC app, even when the app was accessible. The app also has a live TV content section for users in certain areas, where they can stream shows sports and local news live from the iPad. For instance, the Academy Awards is this weekend and rather than watch it on TV, you can stream it.

There’s also a schedule section of the app that shows the ABC TV listings. In a manner, that’s similar to your on-screen programming guide or a TV guide. You can access all the shows from this, and you can also buy them from the iTunes Store. There’s also a profile section, which shows all of your viewing history the last section of the watch.

ABC app is the show directory, which organizes ABC shows by what’s hot evening a daytime news and specials, hopefully more stations like NBC and CBS will follow ABC’s lead and provide similar apps. This is a really smart way to get their content across in a sleek fashion to users of the iPad. This is mart from iPad TV news. Thanks for watching.