ABC Live & ABC i viewer

I’m going to talk about video add-ons for the Cooley Media Center—One ABC live on a second ABC iView stay tuned. One of my supporters messaged me on Facebook and they highly recommended it. I check out these two video add-ons for the Kodi Media Center that not only provides live Australian Broadcasting Corporation channels, which is about seven in total as well as some other trinkets in between, but also provides a replay or a catch-up add-on called ABC iView. Both Autons work on and on and created by the same developer, just to give flowers.

Where this cue to develop a name is J 888, that’s what it has on the add-on information. But I’m going to leave G’s Twitter handle or Twitter page in the text below this video, so you can definitely follow him on Twitter. If you have any additional question, that is to recommend the social media to reach out to him, he’s a really cool developer.

I reached out to him, and I spoke to him, because he doesn’t have a repository for any of these other ones. He gave me permission to put it inside of my repository and understand once it’s updated, he will be giving me the update and I will continuously update it in my repository. So we’re going to use that method as the installation method, add a lot of part of this video and just to throw the quick disclaimer.

The ABC iView was not originally created by jay, however, was created by Andy Borden. But it was modified by Jay. You can see it’s called the X mod array in the description, it’s kind of confusing. If you don’t know that, because on deboarding suggested that you only use it in Australia.

However, because J modified it, you can use this anywhere in the world and use the content. It’s pretty cool. Now once you get inside the ABC live, you’re going to be greeted with seven ABC channels. I don’t know whether it’s going to be more in the future, but you will be greeted with all the ABC live channels. They are in standard definition, they work rather quickly. All the channels work really cool out on the house.

We’re just going to click and I did click most of them. Let’s try another one to show you again. As you can see, it’s not in super high definition. It’s not a definition and all of them do work and it also has a radio section and end indexing, where you can listen to all ABC’s radio channels.

You have to check those out and at the very bottom, and you can be greeted with the eye view shortcut if you have the add-on, for I know you are ready for ABC that we talked about just a few seconds ago. You can click this and guess Trinity out on by clicking it and you can go straight and see either of them, and access with the add-on which has to provide.

Now if you don’t have the ABC iView, you won’t be able to use this shortcut, just for seamless maneuvering through the actual add-ons. It is not meant to play as a primary method to get into the ABC iView out on itself. But once you get inside the ABC iView, you’re going to be greeted with this indexing, which is pretty much.

The channel that you originally saw you’re going to help some additional categories, like arts and culture comedy, documentaries, drama, education, speech programs and igneous you have. I view exclusives, you have last chance, you have lifestyle new and current affairs panel on discussion recently, added support and trailer now.

What all this means is that if something came on at 1:00 p.m, maybe you know Tom and Jerry came on at 1:00 p.m. and you missed it. You can look at one of these sections and try to locate it from based on this indexing. Now it doesn’t have a search option, like a search engine, just type in Tom and Jerry, because Tom and Jerry might not of place less X amount of days. And it’s indicated that this add-on goes as far back is about 14 days.

So it’s not infinite and doesn’t keep on saving, but as far back is about 14 days, and you can look in any of the section, I want to watch some stuff that I know about kima on the kids section. I can go with ABC for kids, look for one of these things that I know played, maybe a few hours ago what a day before and I can click on one of these things that I knew Polly. And I can just go on one of these episodes and just click it and be able to access the actual TV shows.

It’s pretty cool and I would much like to recommend it to you. I think it is very impressive. Do you know what these add-ons really are. It’s not always a good thing, sometimes it is good, just to be good in something. And these Ottomans work seamlessly perfectly smooth, that’s very rare in the community that everything does work.

If we want to know the official graded, you can visit my website. I will be giving it of quick synopsis a review grade between 1 and 10, and as well as a breakdown on a review chart—how I created it out of one to ten. But as for the installation guide, you can look in the text below which might be just a guide.

You do it on the systems, you want to go to file manager in addition the text bloats videos, so I am going to have the additional steps, neither for Cody 17 nor above. But once you get inside the file manager section, whatever Cody you’re using, you want to go to the odd sauce and go to none.

And we’re going to be typing in my sauce URL, which is HTTP colon forward slash forward, slash repo decals wall comm for Josh SC.

And then we will press done on down here o SS SC, we’re going to name it dot cats and then we’re going to press OK. Now I’ve already done it and I don’t need to do it again. But if you do have an error, please make sure it is connected to the internet and also make sure that the URL was correctly entered.

If you see anything that has been changed, if you see this method doesn’t work anymore, read the text below, because that’s going to help the updated information as time changes at this point. You want to come back out to your kodi home screen, go inside your systems, go inside your add-ons.

And you want to go inside the install from zip, go to dot cast and we’re going to go to repository.

Click here and we’re going to install the repository for simply cats. And once you install my repository, you want to go inside the install from repository tab to look for the simply cat’s repo right here. And if you have my repository ready, once you get inside assembly cat’s repo, you can tab left.

I click check for updates or you can right click it and click check for updates, but what’s going to do is just going to refresh the list with all the new content that I’ve added into my repository. Once you get inside my repository, it’s going to be greeted with all these different categories. We’re going to be looking for a video out on section in that way, we can get the two video add-ons that I cover in this video.

One being I view ABC and the next one being ABC live both created by J definitely, do give them a follow on Twitter. He’s definitely going to be one of those members inside of my circle, surely having a lot of potential and I hope that I learn a lot from him in the next few months. With that peace in the Caribbean peace, the Middle East to call a bit of glory. Have a great day.